We are excited at Restoring Wellness LLC for the opportunity to help in your quest for good health and we are passionate at helping you restore it!

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There are so many environmental, emotional, dietary and stress related factors competing for our health. Often times it’s just lifestyle changes and education that are needed to restore good health such as transitioning to nutrient dense foods, starting new exercise habits, sleep and discovering foods that help with gut and brain health.

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Our initial session usually takes about 1 to 1 ½ hrs. It includes a comprehensive health interview and analysis in which we discuss your past and current health state and use natural health modalities like RBTI (digestive testing) and Iridology (Iris analysis) in the assessment. Then, options like energetic  testing/balancing, Bach Flower remedies, pH balancing and supplements may be recommended to support your health.

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My wife, Monica, and I have partnered in our desire to help others restore their wellness. We have 37 years of combined interest and experience in natural health. In our own personal lives, with God’s help, we have experienced the power of natural healing of Candida, Adrenal Fatigue, digestive weaknesses, morphia scleroderma and many other imbalances in our own lives. We know that when the body is given organic nutrient dense foods, rest, exercise as well as emotional balancing, spiritual enrichment and lifestyle changes, it can be restored to good health. We would be delighted to be part of your healing pathway!

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We are excited about helping you in your quest for good health and we are passionate at helping you restore it!

(508) 333-0328